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I am working in a project which uses Clearcase for it source code management. Many times we have come across scenarios where we want to find all files having a particular set of keywords in the checkin comments like when tracking files changed for a cahnge request.

As of now, we do it with help of Clean approach suggested in this answer Searching ClearCase for a checkin with a specific comment

But we would really like to get our hands on some utility like fisheye for clearcase so that it becomes easier to do our task

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The problem is, any utility you would find would be based on the same cleartool find -exec command I mention in my previous answer (ie: quite slow)

And FishEye 2.9+ doesn't support ClearCase anymore.

Only recent version of (commercial) tools like GoMidjets Visual Annotate offers some kind of efficient search on those metadata.

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