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Clubbing few questions here.

I have a daemon process.

What i need?

1) How can i make sure, the daemon process is invoked while the system is booted up.

2) Do we have any standard rule for the following Or it is left to the requirement?

2.a  Behavior of the daemon while it receives the abort, kill signals. does it
     need to restart itself?

Kindly provide hints.

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It depends on what you call the system boot. For me the system boot is not concerned with daemon but with kernel modules / extensions. –  Geoffroy Dec 20 '12 at 7:43

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  1. It depends on your distro. There are things that init does it when it starts -- scripts it invokes, et cetera -- you'd need to hook into one of those or -- more optimally -- provide one yourself (try Googling "init script" along with the name of the distro you're targeting).
  2. It would be highly undesirable -- bordering on malicious -- for an aborted/killed/etc. daemon to automatically restart itself. That defies the point of aborting/killing/etc. a process -- daemon or not. If the user wants to kill and restart a process -- daemon or not -- they can kill it and then restart it. If the user wants the daemon to reparse its config etc. there's SIGHUP for that.
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+1 for "bordering on malicious." I'd consider any userland process that didn't respect a SIGTERM to be malware, and more than likely it would be receiving a kill -9 within short order. Luckily, AFAIK one can't ignore SIGKILL. (: –  Jeremy Sandell Dec 20 '12 at 21:44

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