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I'm using the fullcalendar and qtip plugins.
I have events with different colors. All I need to do is to have a tooltip that correspond to the colors of full calendar event. I want the qtip(tooltip) color change depending on the event color.
Is that possible?
Thanks.. :)

enter image description here

here are the codes for my qtip

    eventRender: function (event, element) {
            content: {
                title: { text: event.title },
                text: '<span class="title" style="font-weight:bold;">Start: </span>' + ($.fullCalendar.formatDate(event.start, 'hh:mmtt')) +
                    '<br><span class="title" style="font-weight:bold;">End: </span>' + ($.fullCalendar.formatDate(event.end, 'hh:mmtt')) +
                    '<br><span class="title" style="font-weight:bold;">Where: </span>' + event.location +
                    '<br><span class="title" style="font-weight:bold;">Description: </span>' + event.description
            position: {
                adjust: { screen: true },
                corner: { target: 'bottomMiddle', tooltip: 'topLeft' }
            show: {
                solo: true, effect: { type: 'slide' }, effect: function () {
                    $(this).fadeTo(200, 0.8);
            hide: { when: 'mouseout', fixed: true },
            style: {
                tip: true, // Give it a speech bubble tip
                border: {
                    width: 2,
                    radius: 5,
                    color: '#474968'

                title: {
                    color: '#fff',
                    background: '#9193c4'
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How are you setting the event colour? If you are using a custom attribute then you can use this in your event render callback to colour the element – tocallaghan Dec 21 '12 at 6:11
I just set the event colors for holidays in event sources.. and for the new added event-I set the color in css – cheeseburger Dec 21 '12 at 6:15
.fc-event-skin { border-color: #9193c4; background-color: #9193c4; color: #fff; } – cheeseburger Dec 21 '12 at 6:17

The event object accepts a className attribute. You can use this to colour your events using CSS (for example applying a "holiday" class). Within your eventRender callback you can then check for the presence of this class ( if (event.className === 'holiday') ... ) and colour your tooltip appropriately

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