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I want to convert a string from 1252 char code set to UTF-8. For this I used iconv library in my c++ application development which is based on linux platform.

I used the the API iconv() and converted my string.

there is a character è in my input. UTF-8 also does support to this character. So when my conversion is over, my output also should contain the same character è.

But When I see the output, Character è is converted to è which I don't want.

One more point is if the converter found any unknown character, that should be automatically replaced with the default REPLACEMENT CHARACTER of UTF-8 �(FFFD) which is not happening.

How can I achieve the above two points with the library iconv.

I used the below APIs to convert the string


2)iconv() - Pass the parameters required


Can any body help me to sort out this issue please......

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Can any one comment on this please.. – user1918005 Dec 20 '12 at 15:35

Please use this to replace invalid utf-8 charaters.

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