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I want when my first project was to be implemented in the form of a video, how do I do this? i want play video and then when i click on the form video stop and app go to a another page please help me.

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yes i find my answer –  Chakavak Behzad Dec 20 '12 at 8:28

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try using MediaElement

<MediaElement Name="VideoControl" 
              Source="C:\my.wmv" >    
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Using MediaElement control you will can play a video in WFP. XAML code:

<MediaElement Name="VideoControl" Width="200" Height ="400"
                  Source="your_path_to_video_file.wmv" >    

It plays MPG files, too: Source="C:\TestV.MPG"

To know how to control it using Play, Stop, Pause buttons click here. It's a good article about this with many examples.

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Its pretty simple just use the MediaElement control in wpf to display your video on your form

Simple WPF Media Player

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