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In a previous question I wanted to obtain a count of the resulting groups using pipeline operations. As suggested, I used the following:

        {$unwind: '$tags'}, 
        {$group:{_id: '$tags', count:{$sum:1}}},
        {$project:{tmp:{tag:'$_id', count:'$count'}}}, 
        {$group:{_id:null, total:{$sum:1}, data:{$addToSet:'$tmp'}}}

Now having known the count, I would like to display the results by page so I would only need a subset of data. My initial thought would be using $slice on data within a $project pipeline like:

    {$project: {data : { $slice: [20,20] }, total: 1}

But it appears that $slice is not a valid operation for $project. I tried a workaround by doing:

        {$unwind: '$tags'}, 
        {$group:{_id: '$tags', count:{$sum:1}}},
        {$project:{tmp:{tag:'$_id', count:'$count'}}}, 
        {$group:{_id:null, total:{$sum:1}, data:{$addToSet:'$tmp'}}},
        {$unwind: '$data'},
        {$skip: 20},
        {$limit: 20}

But as it appears, I performed another $unwind pipeline. Is there a better solution to achieve what I am trying to do?

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Unfortunately there is currently (as at MongoDB 2.2) no Aggregation Framework operator to $slice or take a subset of an array.

You will need to use a workaround such as:

  • your use of $skip and $limit in the aggregate() pipeline
  • manipulation of the results in your application code.
  • implementing the aggregation using Map/Reduce

There is an existing feature request in the MongoDB issue tracker that you can upvote/watch: SERVER-6074: Allow $slice operator in $project.

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