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Hi this is my pice of code:

                    <div style="overflow: hidden; width: 445px;">[IMG][/IMG] tak si to  Lorem ipsum loremai <img width="15" border="0" align="middle" src="images/smejo.gif" valign="middle"/> <img src= alt> <img src="" alt>     <a href="#reakcia" title="reagovat na temu"><span class="poradna-tl-reaguj"><reaction> </span></a></div>
    	</td>   	    </tr><img src= alt><img src="" alt>

and i need regex pattern to replace ONLY text image links with image without touch of inner url tags. But i can't use "Lookbehind" or possessive quantifiers because JS don't support them=/ So i want to catch only "" and "".

I using array method to replacing (will be greasemonkey script.) Many Thanks

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why don't you use a dom parser instead of regex ? – gion_13 Feb 9 '13 at 8:55

...whole day i cant solved this and now after few minutes...


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The trailing part of a URL is not necessarily related to the filetype; there is no reason an image resource has to end with .gif/.jpeg/etc. – bobince Sep 9 '09 at 1:29

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