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Is there any way in which I can search the attachments and show the attached documents in the search result? My search result should show only the attachments in which the search text is contained. Right now I can search the attachments and the page in which the attachment contains search text is shown. Say, I have a Page Home and attachment myattachment.docx as its attachment. While searching Background as search text in the Site search, which is contained only in the myattachment.docx (not contained in Home page) , the search result show Home page as a search result. What I am intending is to return something like Home/ myattachment.docx as a result instead of Home page. My page may any number of attachments.

Thanks In Advance!

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The info on this is a little bit sketch. See below for the documentation I used.

Create a custom global event handler in AppCode (or Old_App_Code), make sure it is a partial class of CMSModule Loader.

Add your custom event handler in the overriden Init() The one you want is DocumentEvents.GetContent.Execute.

The sender object should be the current TreeNode being indexed for search. You can then use that node to access the relevant attachments and modify the event args e.content to add your document text to the search.

public partial class CMSModuleLoader
    private class CustomDocumentEventsAttribute : CMSLoaderAttribute
        public override void Init()
            // Assigns custom handlers to the appropriate events
            DocumentEvents.GetContent.Execute += Document_GetContent;

        private void Document_GetContent(object sender, DocumentEventArgs e)
            TreeNode node = sender as TreeNode;
            if (node != null)
                //Note, this is psuedo code, this isnt the way to iterate over TreeNode.Attachments
                foreach( attachment in node.Attachments ) {
                    e.Content += attachment.content;


More info

See http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/devguide/index.html?event_handlers_overview.htm for implementing custom events in general in version 7.

See this for custom search in version 5 http://devnet.kentico.com/Knowledge-Base/Search/How-to-search-for-documents-using-assigned-categor.aspx

See http://devnet.kentico.com/Knowledge-Base/API-and-Internals/Custom-Handler-Library-compatibility.aspx for the updated event name for version 7 referred to in the version 5 custom search example.

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