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It would be good to compile a new inventory here of Delphi FOSS components that are very useful, also with rare and difficult to find functionality and still maintained for the latest Delphi versions. Examples of rare components are for instance "TWAIN" scanning components, raw printing etc. Your answers will make for a very valuable searchable resource that is up to date.

Please add download URL(s) in your answer.

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Report Manager is a complete reporting solution avilable under the Mozilla Public License.

It has a designer, a (optional) server and can be compiled inside your .exe by Delphi.

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The Delphi Cryptography Page DCP cryptographic components Written by David Barton (davebarton@bigfoot.com) http://www.scramdisk.clara.net/ very comprehensive, free to export, symmetric key cryptographic components

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Open XML is a collection of XML and Unicode tools and components.

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InstantObjects Persistence Framework


InstantObjects is an Open Source Object Persistence Framework with integrated IDE modeling tools and support for many databases. The project was originally a commercial product of Seleqt.

The web site is out of date, but there is work happening on the developers forums. The framework now compiles are runs under on Delphi 2010 and 2009 with more enhancements on the way. Please check the SVN repository trunk for the latest code.

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http://otl.17slon.com/ - OmniThreadLibrary seems to be very ambitious. Mitov's OpenWire is strong in using visual editor it provides. And is probably next to perfect for data streams. However sometimes visual editor is not so needed, and more generic less specialized library is wished for.

http://progdigy.com Unified Interbase - very lightweight and fast Data Access controls for Firebird and Interbase SQL servers. It is not so GUI-rich as FIBC+, and stable version was quite ago, but SVN versios work nice. It's design is a bit different from TTable/TQuery patterns and it is generally more SQLish and less ISAMic (for example, no TUpdateSQL-like helper). And need a bit of $IfDef configuring (it can be reduced to support only subset of database featurees/versions). So, maybe not for newcomer. But it is very slim OTOH.

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Mitov Software has some great free Delphi and CPP Builder components and experts. My favorites are:

  • Image Debugger Visualizer
  • Great threading components with ability to group threads and control the group of threads as a whole. Each thread is a visual component with OnStart and OnTerminate events (and of course, OnExecute). That makes code organization neater.
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