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I'm trying to write a FuelPHP (v1.4) module with support for multiple languages. I have the following directory structure:


In the global config.php file, I have the language and language_fallback parameters set to en:

'language' => 'en', // Default language
'language_fallback'  => 'en', // Fallback language when the file isn't available

When I try to change the language in the module's controller, through

\Config::set('language', 'te');

echo \Lang::get('key'); always returns an empty string

It works as expected if I change the language parameter to te, directly in the config.php file itself.

My module's controller looks like:

namespace mymodule;
class Controller_Mymodule extends \Controller {
     * Show signup form
    public function get_signup() {
            \Config::set('language', 'te');

            $view = \View::forge('mymodule/signup');

            return $view;

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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I don't know your problem, but I've wrote an article about it for FuelPHP 1.4. It isn't to take you to my blog, some people appreciate it so I think it can help you:… – Marco Pace Dec 20 '12 at 11:36

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try calling echo \Lang::get('signup.key'); I was having the same problem , this fixed it for me.

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Try doing Lang::load('signup'); instead of \Lang::load('signup');

From what I've experience, \Lang::load('signup'); is referring to the global lang the one in app while Lang::load('signup'); should refer to the one in your module.

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