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Let's consider following tables:

 product_key - FK to product.key)


product_id FK to

My question is how could I write a query that would provide me columns,, product_attributes.description starting from the SpecialProductQuery class.

Basically the generated query should be

select,, pa.description 
from special_product s
left join product p on s.key = p.key
left join product_attributes pa on = pa.product_id
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Assuming that you've got the relationships build out in your schema you should just be able to do:

 $specialProduct = specialProductQuery::create()

From here you can get whichever of the values you need from the sub-objects (keep in mind you still need to iterate through the collection):

 foreach($specialProduct as $special)
      $product = $special->getProduct();

YMMV depending on how you've named out your model.

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