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I am new to spring integration. to make a rest webservice call, i have below configuration.

    request-channel="myRequestChannel" reply-channel="myResponseChannel" >

But i should also pass authentication information (username and password) to make a webservice call. how can i send authentication information through http:outbound-gateway?

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You have to use a custom ClientHttpRequestFactory and provide it to the adapter using the request-factory attribute.

Either use the CommonsClientHttpRequestFactory with a custom HttpClient, or subclass the SimpleClientHttpRequestFactory and override the prepareConnection method to add the credentials.

Googling "resttemplate basic authentication" will provide several examples, including http://blog.mitemitreski.com/2012/03/basic-authentication-with-resttemplate.html

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thx for your link :) –  Mite Mitreski Jan 3 '13 at 15:11

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