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here, i have tried to get the max valued row and its value. instead od the standard iteration, i want to know if there exists any function

Scan s = new Scan();
ResultScanner re = table.getScanner(s);
int maxVal =0;         
    for (Result rr = re.next(); rr != null; rr = re.next()) {
        byte [] row = rr.getRow();
        Get g = new Get(row);
        Result r = table.get(g);                   
        String rn = Bytes.toString(r.value());
        int temp = Integer.parseInt(rn);
        if(maxVal < temp)
        maxVal = temp;
finally {
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There is a max() method, but it's present in "org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client.coprocessor". If you are OK with co-procs, then you can give it a try. It gives the maximum value of a column for a given column family for the given range. You can give the first and last column as the range here and get the max. For a detailed info on this you can go here

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