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I'm incredibly new to web dev. What I'm finding frustrating are the options used in the axesRendererDefaults options in jqplot.

According to this link:

the way to specify how a tick will appear on the axis (either X or Y) will be determined by what is specified by the formatString: '' option.

What options are available for formatString option? In the tutorial given on the jqplot page, they pass options such as: %d, $%d and %n. How do I find the full list of options available?

Are these formatting options separate from jqplot and actually a property of jQuery?

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The format commands are similar (if not identical) to those for the sprintf function.

A decent reference for these is

e.g. yaxis: { tickOptions: {formatString: '%.2f'} }

will output a floating point number to 2 decimal places.

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Accecptable format codes are:

Code    Result                  Description
            == Years ==
%Y      2008                Four-digit year
%y      08                  Two-digit year
            == Months ==
%m      09                  Two-digit month
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I believe the formatString is the same as used by Highcharts and is a subset of PHP's strftime function. Here's a link to to Highcharts doc about it.

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