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I'm working on a project that requires downloading a list of users from a server —JSON data created from a PHP script that reads a MySQL database— and I would like to inform the user of the progress of the request but onDownloadProgressChanged: never gets called when sending a GET request through operationWithPath:params:httpMethod:ssl: and I don't know if that is an intended behavior or not.

MKNetworkOperation *op = [self operationWithPath:kSPGetUserListPath params:nil httpMethod:@"GET" ssl:YES];

Should onDownloadProgressChanged: be called when I send a GET request with operationWithPath:params:httpMethod:ssl: or is it only called when downloading a file using addDownloadStream:?

Whenever I send a POST request with a file attached through addData: method of MKNetworkOperation the onUploadProgressChanged: method get called accordingly.

Thank you!!!

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I had the same problem because missed something like the following MKNetworkEngine initializing in the main class:

self.sampleDownloader = [[ExampleDownloader alloc] initWithHostName:nil customHeaderFields:nil];
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Thank you for your answer but I'm currently initializing my MKNetworkEngine subclass in my App Delegate so thats not the problem… –  Sendoa Dec 28 '12 at 10:24

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