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is it possible that my mingw 3.4.5 installation is faulty? or is this provided on some other library floating around?

in case you are wondering, dlfcn.h is where stuff like dlopen and dlclose are defined, so it should be pretty standard

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Funny, I was having this problem recently too. –  GManNickG Sep 9 '09 at 4:13
MinGW is not POSIX compliant, by design. It is meant to be a native windows toolchain. Use Cygwin for POSIX compliant tools for win32. –  doug65536 Feb 13 '13 at 18:57

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It's not in my MinGW 3.4.5 installation, so I doubt your installation is faulty. I suppose the the MinGW maintainers expect you to use the Win32 functions supporting dynamic loading (LoadLibrary(), GetProcAddress(), etc.).

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dlfcn-win32 is a wrapper for dlfcn around the win32 dll functions

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mingw is an implenentation of a compiler for windows (a gcc port) implementing the win32 API. The functions in dlfcn.h (dlopen/dlsym et. al.) are POSIX, not windows, so no win32 implementation exists. There may be a wrapper in msys or cygwin, but I fear that the differences between the windows DLL and the ELF shared library mechanisms means you'll simply need to port to the windows APIs.

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I had this problem, and after installing dlfcn-win32-r19.tar.bz2 on windows under cygwin chell, the problem was solved.


I hope this help other guys.

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