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I want to read Message from a RabbitMQ Queue > Use Service-Activator to invoke a Service.

The relevant config section is:

<int-amqp:inbound-channel-adapter channel="fromRabbit"                                           queue-names="si.test.queue" mapped-request-headers="whatever" 
                                  connection-factory="connectionFactory" />
<int:service-activator input-channel="fromRabbit" output-channel="whatever"
               ref="msgService" method="checkMsg"/>

<bean id="msgService" class="com.whatever.MsgService"/>

The MsgService Class is:

public class MsgService{
//Does not work!
public void checkMsg( @Payload String s) {
    System.out.println("The Payload is: " +s);      


But i get following error message:
... Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Target object of type [class org.springframework.integration.service.MessageExaminer] has no eligible methods for handling Messages.

What am i doing wrong here?

But if i simply use this as a method in ServiceMsg class - that works:

public void seeMessage(String m)

My goal is to get hold of the Message itself, Payload and Headers in Service-Activator method.

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if you want to get the message proper via SpEL, you can use


an example would be

    <int:channel id=""/>

    <int:service-activator input-channel="" 

this would allow you to access the message in your service

    public void process(Message<?> msg) {
        //do something with it

Note: this makes your service code tightly coupled to Spring Integration - are you sure you want to do that? if you need a combination of things from the header and the payload, why not pass them in as separate arguments to the service, thereby decoupling the service from the Spring Integration message object?


<int:service-activator input-channel="" 

and the service would be

public void process(String headerValue,Object payload) {
    //use them together
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