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My question is: Can I add in new column(S) in the gridview if the column is not found in the database? - E.g. An indicator if a certain lecturer is a ML/Lec (roles).

I have a gridview that is "extracted" out from the database. But I want to add in a new row which is not in the database but links to the data in the database. For example, in the database, I know that a certain lecturer is a module leader, staff. But I want to have an extra column which can indicate in itself (probably a tick/mark) that the following name (prev column) is a module leader or staff; and i am not allowed to add new column in the database.

Any help appreciated. Need me to further explain my queries, let me know. :)

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What you're really looking for is a way to add columns to a gridview when autogeneratecolumns=true..


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Hello madcolor, erm not really. my autogeneratecolumns is set to false. Husna –  Nana Sep 10 '09 at 1:45

Could you not add a column to the dataset that comes from the database, rather than the actual table. Then fill it with the calculated vaule.

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