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I'm developing admin panel to my website and decided to do it with knockout and sammy. But I am faced with a routing problem. I have two pages:

http://localhost/admin/element and http://localhost/admin/category. 

On my element page I have the following Sammy config:

Sammy(function() {
            this.get('#:currentpage', function() {

            this.get('', function() {
      'get', '#1');

Everything works perfect but if I try to go to another page (by usual link, e.g. Edit Categories) I just get to the empty route on the same page, so I just cannot go to another page with link. Any ideas how to fix that?

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Don't use '' in your Sammy configuration. Try '/' for root page or '/admin/element' for your elements instead.

var Router = function() {
    var sammy = new Sammy.Application(function() {

            this.get('#:currentpage', function(context) {

            this.get('/admin/element', function () {
      'get', '#1');

        run = function() {

    return {
        run: run

$(function() {
    var r = new Router();;

PS: The example uses version of Sammy 0.7.1. In version 0.6.3 there is another behavior.

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Thanks, this simple suggestion helped me a lot:) – Eugene Dec 26 '12 at 15:50

This works if you have an action link and want to click through to another page

`<li>@Html.ActionLink("Admin Action Link Test", "Admin", "Home")</li>
this.get('/Home/Admin', function ()

or you can do this using the hash

<li><a href="#/Home/About">About Full Path</a></li>  
this.get('#/Home/About', function ()
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