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i want to concatenate a new string to the start of an existing string, for example, the current string="" and i want always to concatenate the new string to start of my old string:

  String msg="Java One",temp;
 for(int i=msg.length()-2;i>0;i--){

here i make a loop starting from the end of msg after the end finishes temp should contains "Java One" but in this order

 a one
 va one 

and so on

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I want always to concatenate the new string to start of my old string

This is very simple, but not very efficient:

String oldString = "";
for (...) {
    // Prepare your new string
    String newString = ... ;
    // Add the new string at the beginning of the old string
    oldString = newString + oldString;
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You can use String#substring(int,int) to get different substrings in each iteration.

for(int i=msg.length()-1;i>=0;i--){

Of course you can store each generated substring and do what you wish with it.

Note that this approach is likely to be more efficient, because though new String objects will be created, it is likely to use the same underlying char[] object for all of them.

Also note that we are iterating from msg.length()-1 (and not -2, as the original code in the question) and while i >= 0 (and not i > 0, as in the original question)

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