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Currently i am trying make use of a CollectionView in my router and ConnectOutlets. I am fine, if i am using the collection view helper but this is in contrast to my other implementations, in which i am always leveraging connectOutlets.

What i am basically trying is:

connectOutlets : function(router){
  console.log("calling connectOutlets");
    viewClass : App.ItemsView,
    controller : App.itemController,
    context : content

App.ItemsView = Ember.CollectionView.extend({
  itemViewClass : App.ItemView,

App.ItemsView is my Subclass of CollectionView. App.itemController is an ArrayController i instantiated manually. You can see the full fiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/mavilein/qS3aN/12/

But actually this does not work. I am not seeing the items getting rendered. With the collection helper it works fine, but setting the binding in the view is too static for me. Is the CollectionView not intended for use with connectOutlets?

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It seems like you can do that, but two little tweaks need to be done in the ItemsView:

App.ItemsView = Ember.CollectionView.extend({
   contentBinding: 'controller',
   itemViewClass : 'App.ItemView',
  • Since a CollectionView rely on its content property, you have to bind it to its controller property. (this property is wired at connectOutlet time)

  • As you define App.ItemView after ItemsView, you need to refer to it as a string, in order to let Ember.js lookup it during the ItemsView instance creation.

fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/qS3aN/29/

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Great. Thank you :-) – mavilein Dec 21 '12 at 11:58

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