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I'm trying to make a service that runs on a webserver and can upload files to Google Drive, so that people can sync the files to local-drive using the Google desktop application.

So I tried the Drive API but it requires a webbrowser to authenticate. This would be a possibility, but I don't know to get the access token programmically. Even if I had the access token, I wouldn't know if it just works forever.. It seems to have an expire date? I wouldn't want the service to suddenly not working, because the token has expired.

Than I learned about Service Account, and finally got it working, but it seems to have its own space that i can only access with the service account. I don't know how to share the files from the service account to a regular account, as people need to sync it locally.

So a found a video about user impersonation, in which he showed a page about given access to a service account to impersonate another user. But i don't know where to find this page. Looking at: http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=162106&topic=2759255&ctx=topic It says it's in Advanced Tools > Manage third party OAuth client access (under the Authentication section). But where is the Authentication section? Do I need to create a Google App to do this?

The question is: How upload files programmically to Google Drive without any user intervention, so that they can be synced locally with the drive desktop-application.

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