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I had created a wordpress app in appfog, but the "download source code" function in Appfog didn't allow me to download the entire website content, for example, the files under the wp-content/uploads/ can't be included. The support in appfog reply is all below:

When you do an 'af pull' command this is going to pull the last staged or pushed copy of the application and does not pull what is live on the server. We do recommend for user uploads and static media content especially for Wordpress that a CDN like Amazon S3 is used to store those files. This would be so that you have direct access to them via the CDN, they are served away from the application for better performance, and they will not go away on restart of the application with the ephemeral file system.

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You are correct, you cannot bulk download the file system or uploads from AppFog without a tool inside the app that exposes the filesystem. You are much better off storing Wordpress uploads in S3 buckets using a WP plugin like WP2Cloud with your AppFog hosted app. Amazon S3 is a fast, durable, and inexpensive cloud file store and is highly recommend for WP uploads.

More information about using S3 with AppFog: http://blog.appfog.com/how-to-use-amazon-s3-for-persistent-file-storage-on-appfog/

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Thanks for your help, I will try this solution. –  Glowin Dec 21 '12 at 10:35

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