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I need help with an nhibernate query. I would prefer to use Criteria API if possible, otherwise HQL is ok.

I have an Employee object with an Account object property, the Account has a collection of Entry objects, and each Entry has an Amount property.

I need a query that will return all employees who have an account where the sum of the Entry.Amount is less than zero.

Any ideas?

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what have you tried? what error(s) are you getting? – Mauricio Scheffer Sep 9 '09 at 2:31
it's may be not easy with NHibernate only. I do a mix of NH + Linq, get the employee with account with NH and the calculation with Linq. It's my method, may be not the best but for me it's ok :) – Kris-I Sep 9 '09 at 5:07

As shown here:

.Add(Expression.Eq("Firstname", "Steve"))
.Add(Expression.Gt("OrderDate", new  Datetime.Now)))
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In case it helps... This issue was solved using a Named Query. Not sure whether it is possible with Criteria API.


select employee.* from employee
join (
    select accountid, sum(amount) as balance
    from entry group by accountid
) as accountbalances on accountbalances.accountid = employee.account
where accountbalances.balance < 0
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