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please, what is bad in my code ? how can i modify that ?

(define pivot (lambda (l)
  (cond ((null? l) 'done)
    ((null? (cdr l)) 'done)
        ((<= (car l) (cadr l)) (pivot (cdr l)))
        (#t (car l)))))

(define (quicksort l)
 (let ((piv (pivot l)))
   (if (equal? piv 'done) l
     (let ((parts (partition piv l () ())))
       (append (quicksort (car parts)) 
               (quicksort (cadr parts)))))))
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You could fix the formatting! –  leppie Dec 20 '12 at 14:04
Don't replace the question with "aaaaaaa", use the comments to provide further information if needed –  Óscar López Dec 20 '12 at 16:32

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Some Scheme interpreters define a partition procedure, but it receives a different set of parameters, so I'm assuming that you defined your own version. The implementation of quicksort shown in the question might work, but the partition procedure is almost certainly wrong. It's hard to tell without the code...

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