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Well, the title sums it up it pretty well, I do know that I should be providing enough information to make this as easy as possible to answer, but I got absolutelly no idea of what may be causing this all I know is how it happends.

My shot here is to find someone who had this problem in the same or similar cincurstances.

Scenario: I've got a view model class and everything works perfectly, but there's a Datetime property that gives me that default value for Datetime (01/01/0001), so I made it Nullable and then I got this error.

I know there are a lot of different ways to achieve what I intended by making it nullable, but I'm worried that if I don't find out what the problem is or what's causing it, it may happen again later on something more complex and important or even worse, something that I don't have a plan B for.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, also if there's something else you want me to include in the question, just let me know and I'll edit it right away, I Honestly don't know what would matter to show in this particular case.


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How is that property being used? At what point do you get the error? When the view first renders, when it posts back to the server, etc. A bit more info around how the viewmodel is used would be helpful –  levelnis Dec 20 '12 at 12:45
I've just managed to find out where it occurs, we've got an expression tree that converts a query result into to a View-Model and that is where the problem lies, I don't understand it enough to fix the expression but I do know it's coming from there, I'll try to get the person who made the expression in the first place, that way I might find out the root of the problem and answer my own question in case anyone needs it in the future. Thanks Levelnis –  BrenoSarkis Dec 20 '12 at 16:40
Or you could post it here? Sure someone could help –  levelnis Dec 20 '12 at 17:00
@BrenoSarkis: Did you solved this issue? –  YoYo Feb 20 '13 at 19:32

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