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I added to Config.groovy default mail body by adding this line:

 grails.mail.default.body = "Test body"

and then I am passing adress, subject and body from form by params in a sendMail method:

sendMail {
    to params.adress
    subject params.title
    body params.body

It works fine if params.body is not empty, but when user ignores this field the default body is not added to mail - the mail cant be sent without body.

message has no content, use text(), html() or body() methods to set content

What mistake I did here? Is there some special way I need to handle default content of mail body, subject or other fields?

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The mail plugin has special support for default.to and default.from but not default.body (or subject, or anything else). You could handle it yourself:

sendMail {
    to params.adress
    subject params.title
    body(params.body ?: grailsApplication.config.grails.mail.default.body)

but the plugin won't do it for you.

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This answers why I couldn't use grails.mail.default.body like in my example. Simple and good answer, thank you! –  TV. Dec 20 '12 at 14:27

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