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A confusing one. I'm using a dynamic range

=OFFSET('EA OPs'!A4,0,0,COUNTA('EA OPs'!$A:$A)-1,96)

I've assigned it to rOps in the NAME MANAGER. I've then tried to change a Pivot Table source to rOps. Click in to a random cell. Click back in the NAME MANAGER and it has changed to:

=OFFSET('EA OPs'!G3,0,0,COUNTA('EA OPs'!$A:$A)-1,96) 


=OFFSET('EA OPs'!G24,0,0,COUNTA('EA OPs'!$A:$A)-1,96)

seemingly at random. Althought it does seem to keep near to the cell I've clicked on?

Any ideas?

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You need to anchor the A4 with dollar signs and make it an absolute reference. Otherwise it's relative to whatever cell is active:

=OFFSET('EA OPs'!$A$4,0,0,COUNTA('EA OPs'!$A:$A)-1,96)

Named ranges always behave this way, which can be useful. For example with A2 active, you can create a range named "CellAbove" and set it to "=A1". You can then use it in a formula in any cell, e.g., `=CellAbove/2' and the result will be the value of the cell one row up, divided by 2.

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I've never really used them before, so it confused the hell out of me. Thank you, was about to throw the laptop out the window! LOL –  aSystemOverload Dec 20 '12 at 14:47

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