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I want to use data which is an array of variable length lists. e.g., a list of cars, each car with a list of previous owners. I was thinking of drawing something similar to a stacked horizontal bar chart. I will draw each rectangle, rather than using a stack.

Not sure if I should use some form of nested data.

Edited after first set of responses: I am not really looking at how to represent it visually. In d3 from what I see the input data is always a 1 dimensional linear array. Suppose I want to use data which is an array of lists, how do I do that. Let's say data is like this: [make: "Chevy", {owners: [{name:"Mike"}, {name: "Parthiban"}]}, make: "Ford", {ownwers: [{name: "Selvi"}, {name: "John"}, {name: "Ramkrishnan"}]}] For each make, I treat them as one data element. However, I then want to process the data for ownwers for each make.

I don't want to use a standard layout at this point.

Note also that the data is not a clean mxn matrix. It is an array of variable length lists.

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How about a simple tree? Btw - blog.ouseful.info/2012/05/24/… Senkey style might also suit you. –  Jure C. Dec 20 '12 at 14:49
Is this the kind of thing you were thinking of? bl.ocks.org/3943967 I'm not sure whether the example you gave naturally translates to that representation. What are you trying to communicate? –  Richard Marr Dec 20 '12 at 14:49

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I'm not sure I understand the structure of your data, but for hierarchies you can try the pack layout. You can have each car hold it's previous owners inside it and you can adjust their size depending on the criteria you want.

Here's the official example and here's something I whipped up using that (source code here).

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