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I am new to Json and trying to load a part of a Json object. The structure is:

  "Monday": {
    "title": "Magic Monday",
    "text": "On Magic Monday, all the food disappears.",
    "image": "images/special.jpg",
    "color": "red"

  "Tuesday": {
    "title": "Twofer Tuesday",
    "text": "Two vegetables for the price of one!.",
    "image": "images/special.jpg",
    "color": "green"

I have a variable, weekDay, which I am going to use to find the right object. When this is found, I want to use the value of title and text in my HTML.

So far I have the code:

$.getJSON('data/specials.json', function (data) {
  $.each(data, function (entryIndex, entry) {
    var html = '<h4>' + entry['title'] + '</h4>';
    html += '<p>' + entry['text'] + '</p>';

But I do not know, how to only get the title and the text from the object with the right weekday.

Thanks in advance :)

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If you have

var weekDay = "Tuesday";

then you can simply use

var entry = data[weekDay];

and then

var title = entry.title;


var title = entry['title'];

This document explains how you access object properties.

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I have solved it now :) Thank you! – Patricia Bianca Flyckt Dec 20 '12 at 20:26

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