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I would like to draw texts in one of the columns in a QTreeView widget using a custom color (depending on the data related to each row). I tried to overload the drawRow() protected method and change the style option parameter like this (a stripped-down example):

virtual void drawRow(QPainter* p_painter, const QStyleOptionViewItem& option,
                     const QModelIndex& index) const
    QStyleOptionViewItem optionCustom = option;
    if (index.column() == 2)
        optionCustom.palette.setColor(QPalette::Text, Qt::red);
    QTreeView::drawRow(p_painter, optionCustom, index);

But obviously I am missing something because this does not seem to work (I tried to change also the QPalette::WindowText color role).

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In your model, extend the data() function to return a given color as the Qt::ForegroundRole role.

For example:

virtual QVariant MyModel::data( const QModelIndex &index, int role ) const
    if ( index.isValid() && role == Qt::ForegroundRole )
        if ( index.column() == 2 )
            return QVariant( QColor( Qt::red ) );
        return QVariant( QColor( Qt::black ) );

    return QAbstractItemModel::data( index, role );
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Thanks! I did not know that the data() method is used also for the item's appearance. I implemented what I wanted using a custom item delegate, with an overridden paint() method, but using the data() method is ever so much more elegant. – Vlado Klimovský Sep 10 '09 at 11:11
@VladoKlimovský yes but there are some purists who don't think it should be used for appearance, as they want content and appearance to be handled separately (model vs delegate). – neuronet Sep 24 '15 at 0:43

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