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I have a loop that builds our questionnaires. I have a function that I call the builds the correct type. Here's the section that builds the combo box:

Field<?> field = null;
if (item instanceof MultipleChoiceQuestionDTO) {
  MultipleChoiceQuestionDTO multipleChoice = (MultipleChoiceQuestionDTO) item;
  SimpleComboBox<String> cmbQuestion = new SimpleComboBox<String>();
  String prompt = multipleChoice.getPrompt();
  List<String> choices = new ArrayList<String>();
  for (String choice : multipleChoice.getPossibleAnswers()) {
  field = cmbQuestion;

I want to set the default answer to the prompt so that I can test for that later. The problem is that this is not setting the selected value on my combo box. What am I missing?

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Can you please elaborate? Do you want to select one of the item in "choice" list to be selected by default in SimpleComboBox? OR You want some default text to appear which prompts user to select one of the valid choices? – sanbhat Dec 27 '12 at 20:13
Both. If there's already a selection, I want to select that value. If not, I want to show default text and force a selection. – The Thom Dec 27 '12 at 21:11
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Assuming that you have an "answer". You can get the index of it from the List<String> choices.

int answerIndex = choices.indexOf(answer);;

Or you can directly use; in case of String

If you would like to show a default text, then you can use

simpleComboBox.setEmptyText("Select an answer....");
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Select performs just like above. It selects the item, but it doesn't display in the combo box as the entry. I really don't get why this doesn't work.:( – The Thom Dec 28 '12 at 14:37
In addition of calling select(), can you please try setValue(answer).. Ideally it should have worked, but I see the need of calling setValue sometimes. Example -; simpleComboBox.setValue(answer); – sanbhat Dec 28 '12 at 20:29

you can do this using below code its working

String answer = simpleComboBox.getValue().toString(); //or default value
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