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I'm trying to get the row for controls that can have ids like the one below (generated by webform).


I'm trying to see if I can capture just the digit, so I'm using the below javascript.

if ("_tbxMinute") != -1) {                        
    if (parseInt(e.value) > 59) {
       var cid =;
       var patt = '\d+'
       var test = cid.match(patt)

So far I'm getting null. How do I get digit from the control id?

Thanks for helping

share|improve this question"_tbxMinute") or"_tbxHour")? – Mario Sannum Dec 20 '12 at 16:11
@Mario, I made a mistake that I just corrected – Richard77 Dec 20 '12 at 16:13
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If you change your pattern string from var patt = '\d+' to var patt = '\\d+' it should work (My try at jsfiddle did it)

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You could use something like this:


It captures the digit:

> var regex = /contentMain__lvTSEntry__tbxHour_(\d+)/;
> regex.exec("contentMain__lvTSEntry__tbxHour_1")[1]

Alternatively, you could just use /(\d+)/ as the entire regex.

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You can use this code to remove any non digit characters

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You can use this function, that returns all numbers in array:

function returnNumbers(string){
    return string.match(/\d+/g);


> returnNumbers('123asd123')
["123", "123"]

> returnNumbers('contentMain__lvTSEntry__tbxMinute_1')
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If you are using patt as a regular expression, you should declare it as a RegExp type:

var patt = /\d+/;

patt instanceof RegExp; // true

var patt = '\d+' implies that patt is d+, because \d is translated to d as \ is an escape character. Then, match will receive d+ instead of \d+ as argument.

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