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For the case as stated below,

a=3; b=4; c=5;
k = menu ('choose','a','b','c');

If the user select a how can I assign a value for it and do a logical loop? For example,

if 'a'; x=a;
else if 'b'; x=b;
else if 'c'; x=c;

Then I can continue my calculation using the value of x assigned. For example,

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k is the number of the user's choice. In your case:

switch (k) 
    case 1
       x = a;
    case 2
       x = b;
    case 3
       x = c;
       fprintf(1, 'do not know what to do - user closed menu w/o selection\n');
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thanks a lot guy=) –  green Dec 20 '12 at 16:59

You can use the returned output value k as follows:

if k == 1; x=a;
else if k == 2; x=b;
else x=c;

k is the integer showing the index of the button in your menu.

But instead I would do something as below:

values = [3 4 5];
k = menu('choose','a','b','c');
if k > 0
   x = values(k);
   error('You should provide an option.')
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thanks petri...its helped a lot=) –  green Dec 20 '12 at 17:00

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