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I´m using deviceMotion for getting useracceleraction (x,y,z). My aim is to create a filetext where in each iteration my applicantion writes the 3 components in a row. Im using MotionGraphs code sample. How is it possible? directly or firstly, is necessary to create an array? This array is NSMutableArray o NSMutableNumber? I've been looking for this question and I´m lost, :-( Im not an objective-c expert but I remember pascal code where I opened a file and then, I was writting in each iteration but I checked that programming has changed.


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1 Create NSMutableArray *container = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init]; to be your container.

2 Within the Accelerometer delegate method for did detect motion be sure to set a min for each of the 3 axis. e.g. float min_X = 1.0f; float min_y =1.0f; float min_Z = 1.0f

-(void)accelerometer:(UIAccelerometer *)accelerometer didAccelerate:(UIAcceleration *)acceleration {


3 Use Simple Filter Logic as in: (keep in mind the Acceleration is maxed at +- 2.3g so both positive and negative thresholds need consideration.

if ((acceleration.x > min_X || acceleration.x < -min_X) && (Y's..) && (Z's...) ) {

[container addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:acceleration.x]];
[container addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:acceleration.y]];
[container addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:acceleration.z]];


4 The Array should be full of NSNumbers in groups of three (x,y,z).

5 The filter is needed, otherwise the accelerometers can pick small vibrations just sitting on the table.

WARNING: The Array will fill up fast, so Set the Sample Rate to an acceptable range based on how long you want to record data.

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This the correct way to generate a matrix but, after this, a filetext must be created. [array writeToFile:@"filename.txt" atomically:YES]; –  albertofr86 Mar 5 '13 at 10:27

/* At the beginning we don't take into account different filters or discrimination window. For them, I've implemented freescale procedure. I'm just looking for save accelerometer data / to store data from accelerometer using deviceMotion userAcceleration. Then, i'll try with this: */

float minX = 1.0f;

float minY = 1.0f;

float minZ = 1.0f;

NSMutableArray *container = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];


    NSTimeInterval delta = 0.005;

    NSTimeInterval updateInterval = deviceMotionMin + delta * sliderValue;

    CMMotionManager *mManager = [(APLAppDelegate *)[[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate] sharedManager];

    APLDeviceMotionGraphViewController * __weak weakSelf = self;

    [container addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:deviceMotion.userAcceleration.x]];

    [container addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:deviceMotion.userAcceleration.y]];

    [container addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:deviceMotion.userAcceleration.z]];

//Finally we have to dump data to filetext, this is I don´t know correctly. Thanks in advance.

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