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I'm trying to implement very simple inheritance for some custom classes in node. I am doing something like this:

function MyClass() {
    this.myFunction = function(){
        //do something

function MySubclass(){
    this.myOtherFunction = function(){
         //do something else

util.inherits(MySubclass, MyClass)
console.log(MySubclass.super_ === MyClass); // true

var x = new MySubclass()
console.log(x instanceof MyClass); // true


And if I run this, I get the error:

TypeError: Object #<MySubclass> has no method 'myFunction'

This exact pattern works perfectly well for inheriting from events.EventEmitter. Does it just not work for custom classes, or is there something I'm missing?

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util.inherits only sets up the prototype chain. What you're missing is to call the super constructor so that it adds stuff to this. Here's how to do it:

function MyClass() {
    this.myFunction = function() {
        // Do something

MyClass.prototype.doFoo = function () {

function MySubclass() {
    // This is doing the same as MyClass.apply(this, arguments);
    MySubclass.super_.apply(this, arguments);

    this.myOtherFunction = function() {
        // Do some other thing

util.inherits(MySubclass, MyClass);

MySubclass.prototype.doBar = function() {

var x = new MySubclass();

You may still want to move those methods to each prototype.

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