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When I uploaded the Rails app to Heroku, I got an error using heroku logs

NoMethodError (undefined method `flush' for #<Logger:0x00000005501680>):
2012-12-20T16:20:42+00:00 app[web.1]:   app/controllers/application_controller.rb:19:in `block in <class:ApplicationController>'

it was because of

 rescue_from 'Exception' do |ex|
    Rails.logger.fatal formatted_exception(ex)

in ApplicationController.

How do I fix it?

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Flush is a method defined on IO, which flushes the buffered output to the pipe.

Given the multi-environment setup of Heroku, they probably have their own implementation of the IO pipes, which may not have flush defined. If Flush isn't defined, it's a fairly safe bet you don't need it, and it flushes automatically on receiving input.

How about

rescue_from 'Exception' do |ex|
  Rails.logger.fatal formatted_exception(ex)
  Rails.logger.flush if Rails.logger.respond_to? :flush


You probably shouldn't rescue Exception: Why is it bad style to `rescue Exception => e` in Ruby?

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