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In a newly created Django project I'm using ropemacs to get semantic completions and refactoring functionality. But it seems that everytime I enter a character that triggers a completion list check, the buffer freezes for about a second, sometimes two.

I heard that ropemacs can be slow on big projects, but is a fresh Django project considered big in this respect?

I'm using YAS, rope, autocomplete and python-mode ( In the modes section i have "Py Outl yas Rope AC", not exactly sure where Outl came from or what it does.

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please follow here, maybe we need some more info when digging into

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thank you! unfortunately I changed to emacs-jedi for now, but I will follow the thread there and do what I can to help if needed – altschuler Dec 21 '12 at 16:50

Use Jedi!

It's faster than rope and understands your Python code much better.

May the force be with you!

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As i wrote in the comments and as David said, I resorted to using Jedi.

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