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We are setting up replication between RavenDB instances running in server mode. The instances are in different availability zones so we need a secure connection between the servers. According this this post SSL is not supported in server mode but

should be easy to add

Is there an extensibility point in the API where SSL support can be plugged in?

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Did you try it? If so, can you share the code? – Eric Farr Feb 22 '13 at 20:00
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The API doesn't have any place for this currently, but I'm sure it would be a welcome contribution if you were so inclined to write this and submit a pull request. The underlying server is just a System.Net.HttpListener, which can be wired for ssl.

Your entry point would be at Raven.Database.Server.HttpServer.StartListening()

You would want the SSL certificate to be as easy to configure as the hostname or port. The cert itself should probably be pulled in from the Windows certificate store.

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