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Hello i am new to Mono for android. I am trying to make a Calculator, in a normal windows forms application. I can Drag a button or textbox to any position I want but how does that work in Mono for android, I want the buttons next to each other not only downwards. If I place buttons under eachother that go out of the framework I dont want that either..

I am not English il hope you will understand. please help.

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Android "supports", but has deprecated and doesn't endorse, pixel-perfect layout. Unfortunately the Windows Forms-style of dragging and dropping controls onto a design surface at specific pixel locations requires pixel perfect layout, so you can see the mismatch here.

For a Calculator, what you would instead want to do use a Table Layout or some other "resizable" container, so that your Activity can support the variety of device sizes that Android covers.

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Thank you:) Il give it a try –  Jack B Dec 20 '12 at 18:40

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