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Hi i have an observable array

this.item = ko.observableArray({
     tax: ko.observable(8.0);
     price: ko.observable(100.00);
     eachTotal:  ko.computed(function() {
  * this.price();

I am getting error saying object [Window] does not have tax method.

How would I do this?

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well what i had to do was this.

ko.utils.arrayForEach(myModel.item(), function(it) {
     it.eachTotal = ko.computed(function() {
        return * it.price();

I am wondering if this is the most efficient way to do this?

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this is possibly not as you expected in javascript. It is the context of the caller.
As a remedy one often sets a self or _self to this in the beginning of the constructor.
Look through the examples again at knockout and pay attention to self.

Or if arrayForEach works like underscore there is a third parameter which is the "this context".

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