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I am interested in iPhone app development. Are there any products or platforms that allow iPhone application development using .NET languages, such as C#?

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The Xamarin team, formerly employees from Novell working on the Mono project, have developed cross-platform compilers and runtimes for both iOS and Android.

While it doesn't yet create a "write-once run anywhere" utopia of mobile application development, it's definitely a step in the right direction and perhaps better than HTML5 solutions.

I've found it best to write core libraries (just the app logic, no UI code) that compiles under .NET and Mono. Then, write UI layers specific to each platform you want to support. Using an MVC pattern, you can abstract things in such a way that makes code very re-usable.

The MonoTouch and MonoDroid toolkits are free to use in an emulator (MonoTouch still requires OS/X), but are commercial products and require a license to create distributable applications with.

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There are two platforms called MonoTouch and Mono through which you can develop iOS app using C# and .NET.

  1. Mono
  2. MonoTouch
  3. Appsume

I'll suggest this book for you to learn mobile development in C#.

If you are interested in HTML and javascript the following sdk's will help you.

  1. Phone Gap
  2. Appcelerator Titanium
  3. Sencha
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