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I'd like to create a Grails services without using the *Service postfix convention for class names (e.g. name my class Scheduler instead of ScheduleService). Is there anyway over-ride Grails default behaviour and treat any object in the grails-app/service directory as a Grails service?

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Don't think that's possible. Cause it's part of the 'convention' implied in the grails framework.

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I don't think so, but if the reason is that you want to use a different name for the bean, you can try to register an alias for scheduleService. According to a comment on this page you should be able to add this to resources.groovy:


Haven't tried it myself, though, and didn't find anything in the docs.

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Grails services are registered as beans with a plugin, believe it or not, so you should be able to accomplish this by creating your own plugin.

Have a look at grails-plugin-services source. You can see that watched services are hardwired in with this line:

def watchedResources = ["file:./grails-app/services/**/*Service.groovy",

Now, despite the fact that it's possible, it may require a bit of work, and it may be a bad idea. I really don't know. I have no idea if Grails would freak out if you essentially copied the services plugin, changed watchedResources and wrapped it up in your own plugin.

I just glanced through the grails docs and the section on Artefacts should also be useful.

If you're just looking for an easier way to reference your services, do this:

def painfullyLongNameService
def getNoPain() {return painfullyLongNameService}

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Of course you can, just do in resources.groovy

scheduler(YourCustomSchedulerClassname){ b->
    // config

Then you can do anywhere else

class MyService {
    def scheduler
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