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I have been trying to run $ heroku pg:reset from the command line but I believe I'm not putting in the database correctly. I've tried a number of variations.

I ran $ heroku config | grep POSTGRESQL to get the database name which prints as


I've tried running everything from

#1 $ heroku pg:reset HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_PINK_URL: postgres://

#2 $ heroku pg reset postgres://

#3 $ heroku pg:reset db7eute4gu4mcb

and other variations. Please let me know how to correctly note this as I keep getting either an error or this text from the commmand line " ! Unknown database: db7eute4gu4mcb. Valid options are: DATABASE_URL, HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_PINK_URL"

I'm currently at 10.4 on the Ruby on Rails tutorial. Thanks!

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You should specify a DATABASE when run heroku pg:reset. This is the syntax:

heroku pg:reset <DATABASE>

To know the value of , you can run:

heroku pg:info

It will return DATABASE_URL, something like: HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_GRAY_URL
Then you can reset your database:


In your case, to reset database run:

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Finally! someone has provided the correct answer! thanks again Kien – zulucoda Jan 1 '13 at 14:35
Thank you! Didn't realize you literally had to put in HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_PINK_URL. thought that had a value – mnort9 Dec 13 '13 at 23:07
I tried this, using my correct db url and I now get the following in my heroku logs because something broke: What should I do in this case? Thanks. – m_antis Aug 20 '14 at 23:55
@m_antis you should run 'heroku run rake db:migrate' to recreate database – Kien Thanh Aug 21 '14 at 5:05

Assuming you have your authentication information exported to the shell environment, you should be fine with just passing the name of the database. For example:

heroku pg:reset pink

There are certainly other ways to use the reset command, but IMHO this is the easiest.

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this is how it worked for me (replace app-staging with your app's name, do not replace DATABASE_URL, this is how heroku now finds the app's db)

heroku pg:reset DATABASE_URL --confirm app-staging

hope it helps

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