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The documentation for the minitest-ci gem (seemingly the only option for producing test results for a CI tool such as Jenkins) has the extremely annoying habit of not preserving the results of rake minitest:models when invoked as rake minitest - the test results from running minitest:models are deleted prior to running the rest of the tests. minitest-ci's barely-extant documentation claims adding this to test_helper.rb will disable the troublesome auto-clean behavior, but it doesn't:

# Why do SO and GitHub have to use completely different ways of indicating inline code?
# test/helper.rb
MiniTest::Ci.auto_clean = false

Has anyone out there managed to get minitest-ci to preserve all the test result files? I'm reaching wits' end here.

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I think ci_reporter gem supports miniTest. This could be another option.

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It claims it does, but I can't seem to get that to report test results at all, and there seems to be no helpful documentation in this regard... –  cbmanica Dec 20 '12 at 18:36

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