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Running sql server 2008 The title says it, but in my select statement I have this

COALESCE( ca.AttributeList.value('(/AttributeList/IRName)[1]','varchar(max)')
      AS IR_Name

and it returns lastName, FirstName

This becomes a problem when exporting to a csv as it creates two separate columns and what not.

I somehow have to figure out how to have the string be firstName lastName, no commas, and putting the firstName first.

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Which database? – nawfal Dec 20 '12 at 18:17
sorry sql server 2008 – mhopkins321 Dec 20 '12 at 18:29
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    SELECT PARSENAME(REPLACE('John , Doe', ',', '.'), 1) + ' ' + PARSENAME(REPLACE('John , Doe', ',', '.'), 2)

this will switch 'John , Doe' to 'Doe John'. Now, you just need replace the 'John, Doe" with the

   COALESCE(ca.AttributeList.value('(/AttributeList/IRName)[1]','varchar(max)'),ca2.AttributeList.value('(/AttributeList/IRName)[1]','varchar(max)')) AS IR_Name
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Another way to do this is by using string functions:

select (case when IR_Name like '%,%'
             then (ltrim(rtrim(substring(IR_NAME, charindex(',', IR_NAME)+1, 1000))) + ' ' +
                   ltrim(rtrim(left(IR_Name, charindex(',', IR_NAME) - 1)))
             else IR_NAME
         end) t
from (select COALESCE( ca.AttributeList.value('(/AttributeList/IRName)[1]','varchar(max)')
             AS IR_Name
      . . .
     ) t

The trimming functions are to remove extra spaces.

The parsename solution is clever. But, it looks strange since parsename is designed for multipart naming conventions, with up to four parts separated by periods.

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