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I did key.add, i got in the folder with cd, and when i try to push I get an error.

Assuming that the path is $ and that I am using Yii framework: No submodule found in .gitmodules for the path "$"; Yii framework detected, ERROR: no web content detected; Command returned non-zero exit status 1.

I've tryed using bazaar and then switched to git and they both get errors on push.

What's wrong?

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The PHP buildpack's framework detection expects Yii apps to have a seperate webroot. It tries to autodetect this but did not succeed. I have opened a bugticket related to this issue caused by the index.php being in the repository root and not in a seperate webroot. You can see the ticket here: github.com/cloudControl/buildpack-php/issues/1 –  pst Dec 28 '12 at 10:56

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As mentioned in the comment this behaviour was caused by the buildpacks framework detection only allowing Yii apps with seperate document roots. We have now fixed this issue.

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