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I'm writing a R package which begins to grow in size, and so would really appreciate to use a custom structure in folders pkg/R/ and (especially) in pkg/src/.

For example, let's say I have two families of algorithms of some type A, and some functions of type B, and a main entry point. Ideally R/ or src/ folders would be organized as follow:

  • typeA/
    • algorithms1/
      • algo11.ext
      • ...
    • algorithms2/
      • algo21.ext
      • ...
  • typeB/
    • function1.ext
    • ...
  • main.ext

with "ext" in {R,cpp,c,f,...}, and potentially two files having the same name.

Is it possible ? If yes, how can I do that ?

Thanks in advance !

[2012-12-31] EDIT: an idea would be to write a few scripts - maybe inside another R package - to (un)flatten a structured package for tests or diffusion. But there is probably a better solution, so I will wait a bit.

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You might ? be able to use a custom Makefile in src/. Have you scoured the R extensions manual yet? I think restructuring R/ will be harder. – Ben Bolker Dec 20 '12 at 19:55
I tried to use a custom Makefile in src/, but although it ran well in command-line it failed when using R CMD INSTALL ("no rules to build target 'myfolder/myfile.c' needed for myfile.o"). I only found this paragraph about subdirectories organization…, and didn't see anything helpful inside. Nothing after googling a while either, so I tried here. – BenjaminAuder Dec 20 '12 at 20:13
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As the 'Writing R extensions' manual indicates here, a Makevars file under pkg/src allows to have nested subfolders for C/C++/Fortran code. (See e.g. RSiena package).

However, I didn't find anything concerning a custom structure in pkg/R. So I wrote a little package (usable, although needing improvements) which accomplish the following tasks:

  • Load/Unload a package having (potentially) nested folders under pkg/R
  • Launch R and/or C unit tests on it [basic framework, to be replaced (e.g. RUnit and check)]
  • Export the package to be CRAN-compatible (flatten R code, generate Makevars file)

I will link it here if it reaches a publishable state. (For the moment I could send it by email).

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Have you made progress with the package? – David LeBauer Oct 10 '14 at 20:09

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