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Is there a better way to inject a dynamic text into the html string other than the code specified below?

var code = 'siteCode1';

html code as a string:

existing: '<p>Log in with your'+ eval("siteVarObj('+code+').siteName") +'account</p>',

function siteVarObj(siteCode){
            if(siteCode === 'siteCode1'){
                this.siteName = 'google.com';
                this.siteContactUsURL = '';
            }else if(siteCode === 'siteCode2'){
                this.siteName = 'stackoverflow.com';
                this.siteContactUsURL = '';
            return this;
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eval === evil –  Pranav 웃 Dec 20 '12 at 19:59

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This should work just fine:

var code = 'siteCode1';
var myHTMLString = '<p>Log in with your '+ siteVarObj(code).siteName + ' account</p>';
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I would generally suggest to avoid execution of any input from within eval because eval opens up your code for injection attacks when used inproperly.

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