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Im creating a "word" game, the objective is drag a character (a rectangle), into the correct word space (another rectangle), if the user drop a character at a wrong space, the character will return to the original point.

During the drag move, i want to detect if the object is over a word space to contrast it. And if the user drop it, insert the character at the correct place...

How can i detect if the user is dropping the character at the correct place? Collision Detect? Have it any event to detect if an object is over other object?

I need just the guide lines to detect it.

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Maybe what you want is the getIntersections() method (docs), it will return the shapes underneath a specific point.

You could use this to build your own collision detection, i.e., call getIntersections() on each corner of the character rectangle and see what shapes you hit.

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bde is correct, this is the best way to go about this for now. I would like to note, however, that KineticJS will support true collision detection soon. – Eric Rowell Dec 21 '12 at 21:36

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